Appendix K
Stuff that should have been in the manual, but wasn't...
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Google Play App Description Markup

[Updated 25 Aug 2013: This article applies specifically to the "App Description" section of the application profile – not verified to work in the "What's New?" section (thanks Mark Carter!)]

[Updated 22 Mar 2012: Title reflects Google rebrand. References to "Android Market" should be interpreted to mean "Google Play"]

When publishing our mobile app to the Android Market recently, I noticed that some publishers had application descriptions that were styled more richly than the publishing UI would have you believe is possible. So I tried out a bit of markup. As of the date of this post, the following describes what I found…

What Worked

What Didn't Work


The Android platform, its tools and development universe are flush with undocumented and underdocumented features. Fortunately, that's just the sort of thing Appendix K was created for. If you try other markup and get a definitive result, feel free to add a comment – I'll update the post. At some point, I hope Google will update the developer documentation and I'll be able to just link to that… :-)